Kurt Brownridge

Videography, Editing, Still Photography

Anyone can shoot an interview or gather b-roll; I create television moments. 

I partner with the anchor or correspondent to gain an understanding of the story so I can best capture the visuals needed. Pictures, I believe, should convey emotion. Every frame I shoot is in support of the story’s narrative. From the hope and joy expressed by millions in Washington, DC during President Barack Obama’s first inauguration in 2009 to the fear and panic experienced by so many in New Orleans during Hurricane Gustav the year before. 

As a national videographer and editor, I have traveled the globe meeting people and sharing their stories. I will never forget the colourful characters I spent hours with while documenting the catastrophic Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, or the array of voters I had the pleasure of getting to know while touring Canada in an RV for an election special for Global National. 

I know that sometimes a story needs a little something extra so I always try to go the extra mile. I’ve taught myself how to build motion graphics, rigged-up multi-camera shoots using GoPros and my colleagues' iPhones. Like journalism, details matter; for me that means paying equal attention to sound. Even on a tight deadline, I can pull these elements together to produce a powerful story. 

My creativity, passion, work ethic, and positive attitude is often cited by my colleagues as to why they request to work with me at home and abroad. Whether I am shooting a weather story or figuring out how to shoot a five-camera interview in a moving plane, I go the extra mile because I love visual storytelling.